6 Powerful Benefits of Having a Workout Partner

workout partner

Starting a new health and fitness regime can be intimidating so grab your best mate and get stuck in! Here are the top 6 reasons why training with a workout partner is an excellent idea.


The process of actually deciding to get out of bed to attend your training session can be so tough (especially heading into winter). It’s just too easy to convince yourself it’s a good idea to skip the session. When you have a workout partner, you’re not only letting yourself down by not attending, you’re letting down your mate. You are accountable to your training buddy and you are much more likely to show up and get results together.

Higher Intensity

Not only will you be more likely to show up with your buddy, but your mate will also motivate you to have a massive crack! Training side by side with you workout partner will give you the motivation to push a lot harder than you would on your own, leading to a much more intense session. And when it comes to challenges and races in the gym, there’s nothing better than bragging rights over your mate.


Having a training buddy turns what might feel like a chore into a social event. With everyone’s busy schedules, it’s getting tougher to stay in touch so why not kill two birds with one stone. Also, when the going gets tough its good to have your workout partner beside you… to complain about how hard the session is and to call the trainer a big meanie!


Recruiting professionals to help you achieve your fitness goals can be a potentially pricey prospect. Personal Training in particular can be financially out of reach for most of us smashed avo starved plebs. Why not get your workout partner on board and pool your resources? The cost per person for small group PT works out to be great value as well as providing all the benefits listed above.


One of the biggest barriers to exercise is a lack of confidence. Many people may feel embarrassed about your level of fitness or worried about your body image. Having a trusted friend by your side can ease some of these concerns. You can buffer each other’s anxiety and enjoy trying something new together.

Find Out How You Can Join Highlite Fitness with a Workout Partner

At Highlite, we have a large percentage of members who joined with a workout partner. Get your best friend on board and contact us to set up your free trial together today!


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