new program announcement for highlite fitness

I just want to start by thanking all our amazing members for your support through COVID lockdown and the continually shifting restrictions. We are doing our best to keep Highlite operating as we know how important fitness is to our member’s physical and mental health.

The exciting news is that the downtime has allowed us to revamp our programming to create an even more effective environment for all of you to achieve your fitness goals.

The new program has been designed to track individual progress while maintaining the fun and variety of traditional Highlite workouts. Instead of rolling through our 90+ unique workouts, each day of the week will have a semi-specific focus.

Major movement weight, sets and reps, interval times or distances, circuit intensity etc will progress and can be individually tracked via our app.

Let’s go into a bit more detail on how it will work.

Strength Focus

One of the areas that sets us most apart from other group training workouts on the market is our focus on strength training. By sticking to key compound movements and avoiding complex Olympic-style lifts, we’ve been able to introduce members of all fitness levels to effective, technique-focused strength training in a group environment. Our new structure will build on this by focusing on key lifts on specific days. Major strength movements will be tracked across a four-week training block using the principle of progressive overload.   

Monday: Squat Variation Focus

Mondays we squat. This day will also feature plyometrics, sprints or power movements, total body giant sets and an upper body cardio-based finisher.

Wednesday: Upper Body Focus

Wednesday will feature an upper-body major movement (e.g. Bench Press). Like Monday there’ll be plyos, sprints or power. There are also upper body and core supersets and a lower body cardio-based finisher.

Friday: Hip Hinge Focus

Dead Lift variations and Glute Bridges are the Friday focus. Again, there’ll be plyos, sprints or power as well as a lower body and core giant set. Friday’s finisher is an upper-body dominant EMOM.

Conditioning Focus

It has been shown that high-intensity interval training (HIIT) is the best way to both reduce body fat and increase cardiovascular fitness. It is for that reason that the conditioning sets in traditional Highlite sessions are based on HIIT principles. Under our new program structure, we are taking the most effective and measurable aspects of our existing conditioning structures and focusing on them on Tuesdays and Thursdays. These sessions will also allow us time to spend more on mobility and utilise foam rollers to alleviate soreness.


Tuesday will feature intervals performed on our conditioning machines, truform runners, SkiErgs and assault bikes. The work intervals will be measurable by time, distance, number of rounds etc. (e.g. Centurion)


Thursday will feature metabolic conditioning circuits such as AMRAPs, EMOMs, Distance v Time etc. Measurable factors of these workouts will be the number of rounds, maximum reps or distances achieved. (e.g. Metcon Monster)

Team Saturday!

Saturday will be focused on fun, featuring big team conditioning sets. (e.g. Strength in Numbers)

Why have we structured the program this way?

Every day we start with mobility and activations in our warm-up. Mobility is about getting your body to move through its full range of movement and activations is about getting your motor neurons firing in targeted muscle groups. Strength days then move into sprint set which can include plyometric exercises or power-based movements. We do these after the warm-up but before our major lifts to reduce the risk of fatigue-related injuries. We save the higher intensity and higher volume part of the workout until the end to protect the integrity of the major focus.

Alternating Strength days with Conditioning days allows for muscle and energy system recovery. This means that you can train at Highlite every day, without ‘overtraining’.

And if this seems super-complicated and you’re saying to yourself “I just wanna show up and train!”… JUST SHOW UP AND TRAIN!! We’ve spent months designing this structure so you don’t have to. It will maximise your chances of improving your strength and fitness while reducing your risk of injury, with all the variety you love from your favourite Highlite sessions.


Submit the form then pick your first class. It’s super easy!