Fitness for Schools in Newcastle

fitness for schools newcastle

Fitness programs for schools

We offer fitness for schools private group training sessions relevant to junior sport outside of our normal timetable. Our strength and conditioning programs are perfect for both boys and girls aged 9 through to 17 years of age for all levels of fitness, and include;

  • Comprehensive Fitness Testing (Including electronic timing and GPS tracking)
  • School Sport Programs
  • HSC PD/H/PE practical excursions
  • School Holiday Programs
  • Specialised Speed Training

Fitness for kids

Our programs at Highlite are also suitable for those kids who simply wish to lay the foundations for a life of health and fitness, or are just looking to build character, confidence and self-esteem.

Our age-appropriate workout

The Highlite workout includes different types of training, but focuses its content and delivery around the Australian Strength and Conditioning


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