F45 and Highlite Fitness Newcastle (Friendly Comparison)

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When people new to Highlite ask me what we do, to save time I often start with comparing us to F45.

F45 have done an amazing job at marketing their brand of fitness and with gyms all over the world and multiple locations in Newcastle alone, most people have some understanding of what they do.

And while there are a number of similarities between Highlite and F45, there are some key differences to consider.

F45 Similarities

Group Training

The most obvious similarity between Highlite and F45 is group training. Group training is fun and adds a social element to fitness. Training alongside others motivates you to push yourself harder than you would on your own and you’re more likely to stick to it. Plus, you get expert coaching at a more affordable cost. An unlimited membership costs less than one personal training session a week! See my Group Training Blog.

HIIT Circuits

Both Highlite and F45 use HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training) circuits as the basis of the workouts. This is an evidence-based approach which can burn more calories in less time, help reduce body fat and improve cardiovascular health. HIIT allows for loads of variety, increasing the fun-factor, motivating you to stick to your training. See my HIIT blog.

F45 Differences

Strength Set

An F45 advertised strength session consists of traditionally strength-based movements such as squats, lunges and chin-ups performed in a TABATA (time-based) circuit. At Highlite, we start our typical sessions with a rep-based strength set including a major movement (Squat, Dead Lift, Bench Press etc.) a supplementary movement and a core exercise. Major movements are rotated through the week and reps are adjusted to allow for gains in strength and muscle mass. See my Strength Training Blog.

Variety of Workout Structures

At Highlite we do sometimes use TABATA workouts in our conditioning set similar to F45 however we use a greater variety of HIIT circuit structures. EMOM (Every Minute On the Minute), AMRAP (As Many Rounds As Possible) and Distance v Time style HIIT circuits create loads of variety in our sessions with double the number of workouts offered by F45. Multiple Truform runners, ski ergs and echo bikes also allow for pure cardio sprint intervals and team challenges at Highlite.

HR Guided Sessions

F45 do give you the option of wearing HR monitors during workouts. At Highlite, your membership fee covers the cost of a Polar HR monitor and all members are encouraged to wear one. This gives us real-time feedback in sessions via our big screen TVs. Through the Polar Club system, suggested HR zones are displayed throughout the workout. Some sessions even use HR to guide the workout, with intervals or rest periods based on individual HR zones. See HR Tech Blog.

F45 of Highlite Fitness? How To Decide

At the end of the day, choosing how you stay active is a personal decision. If you find a fitness regime that you love, you are more likely to stick to it.

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