Corporate Fitness: Why It’s Good For You (and your boss)

Corporate Fitness

Businesses and governments are becoming more aware that a healthy workforce has far-reaching benefits. This has brought on a rise in the popularity of corporate fitness training.

Data indicates that improved employee health leads to increases in productivity and reduction in lost income through health care costs and absenteeism.

Over the last few decades, the public and private sector have both been increasing their investment in employee wellness including corporate fitness programs. Why?

Benefits to Employers (Corporate Fitness)

The best companies realise that employees are their most valuable assets. The right person for the job is often very hard to find and companies spend big dollars in recruiting and training. Retaining highly skilled staff is vital to a business’ bottom line and an employee wellness program can be the key element in retention. Now I know you corporates love dot points so let’s list the other benefits to employers:

  • Better performing workers
  • Reduced Stress
  • Reduced workplace injuries
  • Reduced absenteeism due to sick days
  • Reduced presenteeism (working while sick which can cause productivity loss, poor health, exhaustion and workplace epidemics)
  • Improved staff wellbeing
  • Increased job satisfaction
  • Higher retention rates.

Benefits to Employees (Corporate Fitness)

If your workplace offers subsidies for health and fitness, get off your bum and use it! Sure, they are thinking about their bottom line but use that to your advantage and make a positive change in your life. Get active at your workplace’s expense and enjoy the benefits of more energy for your social and family life. Getting fit will give you the extra benefits of:

Lunchtime Workouts at Highlite Fitness Newcastle

Office workers in Newcastle City love our 30min lunchtime workouts. You don’t have to set a ridiculously early alarm and you’re home in time for Millionaire Hotseat (is that what people watch at 5 pm?). You can improve your cardiovascular fitness, increase your strength and negate some of the effects of sitting at your desk all day. We have shower facilities here so you can be in and out, ready to climb that corporate ladder with renewed vigour all afternoon.

How You Can Start Corporate Fitness Training at Highlite Fitness Newcastle

To see what all the fuss is about, get down to Civic Park on Thursday at 12:15 pm for a FREE workout! Or contact us now to find out more.


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